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    Cockfight Information

    Cockfight is regarded as one of the most popular games in the world. When speaking of cockfight, people are aware of that it is a “brutal and bloody sport” between to roosters trying to fight the other to kill it while the owners place bets. Cockfight gives people a strong sense of power. The cock owners take care of it and help it to become the strongest one. When they see that the cock is old enough, they will bring it to the fight and bet for money. The winner will be decided in some ways: 1. If one of the cocks dies, the survivor is the winner 2. If both cocks are still alive but can not fight any more, the “koyme” will pick up both cocks and permit them to peck each other. Whoever does not peck anymore will be the loser. Two pecks is all you need to win the game 3. If one cock runs away from the fight, it will be declared as the loser.

    Online Cockfight betting

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